Early version of DQ - an alternative interface for MarkLogic's CQ XQuery editor 13 Jan 2010

Update: The project has now moved to github.

DQ v0.2 now available

Here’s a very early version of a new interface to CQ that I’m slowly working on, imaginatively named DQ. It aims to address a number of shortcomings in CQ, the web XQuery interface provided by MarkLogic.

Current features
Tabbed code editor (based on EditArea) with XQuery syntax highlighting, search and replace, and support of tab key
Save queries and results to file system
Auto-save of all query tabs using browser local storage (no more session confusion)
Highlighting a section of code and executing will run just the selected code (inspired by SQL Query Analyzer!)

Future features
Integration of XQuery API reference
Function auto-complete
More suggestions welcome!

Recent version of CQ installed (I’m using 4.1.2)
Firefox 3.5 or IE8 (Chrome doesn’t style XML output, Safari and Opera not yet tested)

Unzip DQ folder in root of your CQ directory
Browse to: http://SERVER:CQPORT/DQ

The project is up on sourceforge:

Please give it a go and let me know what you think. I’d be interested in suggestions on improvements, extra features etc.