xdmp:strftime() requires year >= 1900 11 Mar 2009

There’s a weird bug in the xdmp:strftime() function in MarkLogic, I
think inherited from elsewhere, that causes an error when supplied a year less than 1900.

xdmp:strftime('%Y', xs:dateTime("1890-01-01T00:00:00"))
SVC-STRFTIMEYEAR: xdmp:strftime(“%Y”, xs:dateTime(“1890-01-01T00:00:00″)) 
— Year cannot be formatted: 1890

As a work-around call this function in a custom namespace:

define function strftime($format as xs:string, $dt as xs:dateTime)
as xs:string
    xdmp:strftime(fn:replace($format, "%Y", "#Y"), $dt),